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Marrakesh, Clarke Quay

mixed platter ($26)

Marrakesh, a Moroccan Lounge bar, is one of the many new lifestyle bars at the revitalised Clarke Quay. This is one of Harry's bar, so you can expect the no-surprises, no-frills drinks menu (though some typical drinks have been "exotified" with the word "Moroccan" added to their names), and some variation of jazz music (here's it's supposedly "chill grooves").

Overall, what really sets Marrakesh apart are:

  • Exotic finger food - Interesting variety of middle eastern tapas. Try the mixed platter. It has something for everyone, such as tasty beef, lamb, and chicken shish kabab, pita bread, and salad. Served with different dips - hummus, moutabel, etc.
  • Swings - Swig and swing! Get yourself a table with the swing seats (only 3 available). Seats 2 comfortably. Has it been more than a decade since you last sat on a swing? Here's a chance to get in touch with your inner-child.

A quick review on how Marrakesh compares to some of the other themed-drinking holes at Clarke Quay:

  • The Clinic - Ambience is...well...cold and clinical. A fun experience though, with seats resembling hospital beds and tables segregated with white curtain separators. Drinks are served from test tubes, infusion drip packets and syringes. Downside? Limited seats outside, bar area inside looks drab and boring. Also, we kept expecting to see staff/patrons/anyone who looked like they could be McSteamy or McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy... but guess this place is more like ER... as in...errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... no George Clooney in sight.
  • Highlander Bar & Restaurant - Traditional antler chandeliers, contemporary stills of Scotland, and staff dressed in tartan kilts, this Scottish-themed bar has a warm and inviting feel. The wood-panelled bar features an extensive range of more than 200 whiskies by the glass ($10 - $70 per shot). Highlander serves authentic Scottish cuisine such as Haggis (that's $15 for boiled sheeps' innards - heart, lung, liver - minced with onions, oatmeal and spices encased in sheeps' intestines). Downside? Besides whisky, the drinks menu is unimaginative and limited. They also brew their own beer, but this hasn't received favourable reviews from my friends.
  • Kandi Bar - A tribute to Hed Kandi, Kandi Bar is supposed to be the chill-out, grown-up extension to the Ministry of Sound. Good for pre-clubbing drinks if you're a fan of Hed Kandi music, though the seating arrangement doesn't seem conducive for big groups. Downside? Decor is bright, loud, and orange...Is it only me or does it remind you of Patpong too?

Marrakesh – Moroccan Lounge & Bar
3D, #01-01 River Valley Road
Clarke Quay

Tel: 6338 7331

5.00 pm to 1.00am (Sunday to Thursday)
5.00pm till 2.00am (Friday, Saturday & eve of public holiday)

5 Responses to “Marrakesh, Clarke Quay”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    does the candy bar look really like patpong ?? Clinic is not very good to what's i heard, service is poor, food id unconsistent, nothing really to eat. Mrakesh look yammy. do you have some pictures of your food at clinic? i'm so curious to see how it's look like.

  2. # Blogger LiquidShaDow

    The ambience at Marrakesh is pretty good. I kinda like it. The food and drinks need a lot of work though. It's a place thoroughly saved only by their decor.

    I liked the lager on tab at Highlanders. And I agree with your take on the menu. Unexciting and lacks identity.  

  3. # Anonymous Raven Hanson

    You should be a food critic: if you're not already!
    Here's a link where you can sign up to try it out!

    Otherwise it looks like you could apply to a magazine and review resturants for them, possibly on a freelance/part time basis?
    Keep up the good work!

  4. # Blogger andrea


    Thanks for your kind words.

    Food Critic would definitely be high up on my list of dream jobs... along with professional tourist.

    Still...much more room for improvement before any attempts at a professional debut.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Just had dinner at Marrakesh.....Charged $7.50/ soft drinks including diet coke served in cans.....bit of a rip-off.  

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