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Garibaldi, Purvis Street

Tritico di Agnello - Three Style Tasting of Lamb ($40)

A slight digression...
A friend once remarked that first visits to restaurants were like blind dates. The unknown "X" (this could be either your Dinner or your Date) evokes in you a sense of curiosity, excitement, and also slight apprehension. Does "X" look appealing? Would "X" be to your taste?

The anticipation culminates... to a particular defining moment when the realisation hits you --- at this point, you're smiling... having a good think to yourself... "X" is Great... [Of course, on less fortunate occasions, the defining moment could be when you realise that "X" is giving you indigestion. You mutter to yourself "never again!" and end up paying the bill grudgingly.]

My blind date experience can be summed up to the first day at Kindergarten... when my teacher introduced me to my "partner", a snotty boy, who endeavored to spit green beans (one at a time) at me during tea time. As such, I could never really relate to my friend's analogy until I met Garibaldi.

Garibaldi and my X-perience...
If Garibaldi was a blind date, I would start planning the wedding, naming our kids, and be willing to forgo the pre-nup. Often hailed as one of the best Italian restaurants in Singapore, it definitely lives up to its reputation.

First impressions count, and Garibaldi is definitely considered a "good looker". The bar is simple and elegant, with a great selection of wines by the glass and excellent cocktails. Enter the main dining area, and you find decor that is subtle, subdued and stylish --- a picture of understated class.

Background / Qualifications:
Chef and main partner, Roberto Galetti sets the culinary benchmark for fine Italian dining, having worked with one of London's best chefs, Adriano Paganini at the Hyde Park Hotel, as well as with the world renowned Bice Group.

The food is top-notch with fresh seasonal ingredients. Every dish is well executed, each showcasing nuanced, imaginative combinations that are never overwrought or overdone.

A standout among the entrées is the "Tritico di Agnello - Three Style Tasting of Lamb", that includes breaded lamb cutlet with tomato salsa, roasted lamb loin, and braised shank accompanied by pumpkin purée. The three distinct styles of preparation explore the different textures and tastes of the lamb, each a perfect point / counterpoint from the crispy cutlet to the mouthwateringly tender shank.

Note on desserts - We tried the Degustation of Desserts, which didn't quite compare to the main courses. Much too sweet for our liking.

Overall the dining experience is enhanced by the impeccable service --- the staff is attentive and polite, and friendly.

L-R: Foccacia toasted with Parmesan; King Scallops with Porcini Mushroom and Truffled Taleggio Cheese Fondue ($26)

L-R: Linguine with Crab Meat and Vodka Sauce ($28); Hand-made Spinach Noodles with Braised Duck and Paprika ($26)

L-R: Moscato D'Asti 2005 ($90/bottle); Degustation of Desserts with Chocolate Crème Brulee, Saute Banana & Spicy White Chocolate and Earl Grey Parfait with Apricot & Lemon Supreme Jam ($18)


36 Purvis Street #01-02
Tel: 6837 1468

Lunch: 12 Noon - 3:00PM
Dinner: 6:30PM - 11:30PM

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    Hi, the good looks great. I have researched on them and it looks great in the pictures indeed. Can i know how much you spent on the meal?  

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